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Lever Wires for Some Lyon & Healy and Salvi Harps

Our Lever Wire strings are made by Bow Brand. The C strings are red, the F strings are black. They are for a variety of lever harps made by Lyon & Healy and Salvi Harps:
Lyon & Healy Lyric
Lyon & Healy Shamrock
Lyon & Healy Silhouette
Salvi Aida
Salvi Egan
Salvi Heather
Salvi Julia
Salvi Livia
Salvi McFall
Salvi Nicoletta
Salvi Prima 34
Salvi Prima 38
Salvi Renaissance

Do NOT purchase these strings if you have a Prelude, Troubadour, Ana, or McFall harp as these harps use PEDAL gauge strings. Use this list ONLY if you know exactly what string you need. If you aren't sure, please go to the string list for your harp model.

Remember, strings are NOT returnable for any reason.