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Strings for Dusty Strings FH36-A Harp

These strings are for the older model Dusty Strings 36A harp with 36 strings*. String #1 is the highest, shortest string on the harp.

Please order very carefully because strings are NOT returnable for any reason.

*If you have a Dusty Strings Harp with 36 strings, and you are not sure whether is it an FH36, FH36B, FH36H or FH36S, you can look on the label inside the back of your harp. The model number will be written there. The FH36 was the original 36-string square-back model made by Dusty Strings. It has no letter after the 36. On this web site, we call it the FH36A. When they re-designed this model (in about 1991) it was renamed the FH36B. The staved-back model is called the FH36S, and the hybrid-stave is FH36H. This is the correct string chart for the original FH36A harp. 
Click here for strings for the FH36B, FH36H, and the FH36S harps.

Click here for a printable string chart for these harps.